My Story

After 7 years of fantastic residence at the art and craft market in the Jubilee Market – Covent Garden and a summer slot at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I am starting a new chapter born from the ashes of the covid 19 pandemic lockdown.
Not only will I continue with my stalls at both these venues but, what’s more, I have opened an atelier at the amazing the Forge at the Craft Centre on the stylish Isle of Dogs. 
It’s a place where I can create and carry on with my dream and my passion. But more than this, it’s also a place where I can welcome my customers and much valued supporters. 
I will be starting operating my new online business from the new atelier and am looking forward to reaching my existing worldwide customers online and also to welcome and serve my new clients. 
I will continue to offer the engagement and personal service which makes each of my hats unique. I look forward to speaking to you, either in person or online, for us to work together and create something really special for your millinery needs.
Haroun Ray