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woody and blue bespoke millinery

Woody Love Trilby

Woody Love Trilby

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Woody Love Trilby

Here's a classic Woody and Blue hat which was created for the Edinburgh fringe festival stall by St Giles cathedral.

This time I decided to re-invent this classic as a trilby rather than the top hat or pork pie hat, which I've done before.

It’s made of 100% merino wool felt overlaid with tartan and tweed off cuts and hand stitched with hand dyed English or Welsh merino yarn and a satin linings.

Each one is a one-off, so you can be sure never to encounter the same hat.

The ones immediately available online are all size 58 cm or medium size.

However, if you need another size I can make sizes Email me 

S ,L or XL to order, for delivery within 2-3 weeks.

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