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Every journey starts somewhere and my journey into the world of millinery began with a trilby a silk tie and a vintage brooch, so this line is very close to my heart and has brought me to where I am now.

I have loved trilby hats ever since I was a kid watching gritty, noir black and white movies. The Wallace Trilby collection is an homage to and a celebration of the TRILBY HAT.

I adorn them with ties (as hat bands), embroidery, beautiful tartans or tweeds, spectacular silk flowers or dazzling beading and the materials I use to decorate the hats include vintage fashions bin ends of carefully selected textiles.

As always each trilby hat is unique and a one off, created from my imagination.

To clean this hat, use a simple jet of  steam from your iron with a nice soft brush. If you have an unwelcome stain from a passing bird, don't use any harsh cleaning products-some warm water and gentle sponging should do the trick!

Let it dry naturally in the warm environment of your home away from sources of heat, such as radiators.

Copyright of the design owned by Haroun Ray at Woody and Blue 2020-21

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