Collection: Vegan Collection

Here is my range which is totally animal friendly.

This collection does not use any animal based products, so no wools,  definitely no furs, no silks nor any textiles which are animal based. 

First of all, they look great for anybody, whether vegan, vegetarian or not. But for many of my existing clients who are vegan and vegetarian and for my new clients too, you can look awesome wearing a hat safe in the knowledge that it is animal friendly.

This special collection will be made using cotton, velvets, hypoallergenic acrylic, faux fur, fleece, craft paper, hemp, jute, raffia, straw, Madagascar panama and recycled polyester.

It’s a collection that I dedicate to my many great friends who are vegan and vegetarian and I am looking forward to create new hats going forward using vegan materials. I'll be looking out for exciting new materials to add to this collection and to create stunning, ethical millinery.
Copyright of the design owned by Haroun Ray at Woody and Blue 2021


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